About the Composer Avivakova

About the Website

Story Compositions is a website designed to develop the motivated composer by giving tips and ideas. Story Compositions also showcases many of our original compositions that utilize the techniques presented in the numerous articles. With this website, you can improve on your compositions and become a popular composer. If you wish to support the website, when purchasing through an affiliate link on the website, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

About the Composer

Avivakova is a music composer, distance runner, soccer player, engineering student, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, book lover, and piano performer.

She has composed numerous story compositions on this site including Burning Embers, Mirrored Stars, and the Famished Frog.
She has also performed many songs that her brother composed. These performed songs included Medley of Waterfalls, Twilight March, and Wearied Warrior.

Avivakova has been playing piano for over 10 years.

Her hands can barely span 9 keys. She has very small hands, but regardless, she has played songs by Liszt and Rachmaninov.


If you wish to contact her, you may do so by emailing her at Avivakova@gmail.com