Artificial Intelligence Replacing Composers?

Do you ever get tired of being creative? Well, now you can let the computer do all the creative work. Indeed, you can even have the computer annotate the compositions that they create, leaving you with no work whatsoever! Even though this sounds great, it necessitates that many composers find a new job. I find this information a great way to appreciate being stuck at the keyboard; you need to be the creative one, not some computer. Is it really possible though? Can artificial intelligence emulate existing compositions to create something original?

Artificial Music?
Artificial Music?

I came across an interesting article published in AI Topics titled “Music, Music is the effort we make to explain to ourselves how our brains work...”  A brief overview can be found below.

It seems surreal that an artificial intelligence could be intelligent enough to comprehend the complexities associated with music, such as the pitch, rhythm, loudness, instruments, harmony, and other technical aspects. But it is a reality in today’s world. Robots are able read and annotate music. Computers can be used to imitate orchestras, follow a singer on stage, vary the dynamic and tempo, and even track the baton of a music director.

Even with all these advancements, I think the most amazing aspect is using computers to compose and write music. Creating music takes more than just programming instructions. Composing music takes imagination, initiative, and intuition. Can these things really be taught and programmed into a computer?

The Ability of Computers

The breakthroughs in musical composition with the use of computers are hailed as “one of the greatest achievements of artificial intelligence …” This is not surprising because composing music is considered an art. Soon computers will be painting and singing :), and sculpting, writing poetry, writing novels, and other distinctly human activities. What is the world coming to?
I’m a big fan of technology and making life easier for all of us. However, using computers for artistic purpose might be over doing it. The technological advances make you wonder about the future though. Soon, will we need to do anything, or will the computers do it all?