Listen to Our Compositions

Welcome to the compositions page.

Here you can find links to the music videos of our story compositions and listen to your hearts content. We have many different styles of music including popular, jazz, Arabian, Hungarian, music inspired by Linkin Park, and some 'new' stuff. We also have many different types of moods for the pieces. Some compositions are feisty and playful, and others are heartbreakingly sad. We always try to incorporate emotions into the pieces because we believe that the purpose of music is to evoke the powerful emotions that words can't.

Enjoy the music.
We are continually working to bring you more compositions to listen to. If you are particularly fond of a certain piece, we have sheet music available for that piece. Our hopes are to create a CD once we have enough compositions. High quality MP3s are also currently available. Soon we will upgrade and record higher quality audio. Visit our youtube channel for the lastest updates.