Harmony Music Theory Online and Chord Progressions

Need to learn harmony music theory online? Online harmony music theory will help in learning how to compose music. If you are a music composer interested in learning the techniques utilized in composing musical masterpieces, then look no further. A comprehensive guide to learn harmony music theory online can be found in the musical articles listed below. An extensive list of chord progressions is also available.

Harmony Music Theory
Harmony Music Theory

Chord Progression List - Extensive

The extensive chord progression list is an excellent starting point if you do not have a musical melody. The progressions can give you ideas for your songs.

Roman Numerals and How to Play a Chord

This harmonic music theory online artlce explains what the roman numerals mean in the chord progression list. It also explains how to play common chords. Great for beginners.

Harmony Music Theory for Harmonizing Musical Melody

Harmony music theory can help you create the desired musical harmony that will give the musical melody the desired ambiance. Have you ever created a musical melody, and then couldn’t think of an adequate musical harmony to accompany the melody? This article can help you.

How to use Seventh Chords in Compositions

Have you ever wondered what I7 or V7 was supposed to mean? What are these 7s that show up so often? How do you translate the notation into keys on the keyboard? Well, these 7s are known as seventh chords, of which there are 3 different kinds. Learn the three different kinds at the harmony music theory article.

Popular Chord Progressions

Demonstrates a few popular chord progressions that are used in popular songs today. Not as extensive as the complete list of chord progressions listed above.

Popular Chord Progressions List

This page contains complete chord progression for songs. If there is a particular song that you like, and you want to know the chord progression, this is the place for you to find it.

The harmony music theory online provided and chord progression above are guaranteed to help give ideas for you piano compositions.