Melody Music Theory Online to Learn How to Compose Music

Need to learn melody music theory online? Online melody music theory will help in learning how to compose music. If you are a music composer interested in learning the techniques utilized in composing musical masterpieces, then look no further. A comprehensive guide to learn melody music theory online can be found in the musical articles listed below.

Music Theory Melody Online Lessons
Music Theory Melody Online Lessons

Become a Melody Music Composer

This melody music theory online article discusses two common techniques used to compose memorable melody music by looking at classics that have survived the ages and finding commonalities among them.

How to Compose Memorable Melody Music

This melody music theory online article discusses the actually melody music theory behind composing melodies including pickup tones and passing tones. How to compose memorable melody music also discusses two different techniques to compose the actual melody line.

Compose a Melody from a Chord Progression

Do you have an awesome base/harmony and need to add a memorable melody? This article is for you.

How to Embellish Your Melody

Once you have created your melody line, you'll probably want to repeat it throughout the song. However, this runs the risk of the melody line becoming boring. Therefore, read this article to learn some common melody music theory online techniques to embellish your musical melody.

Musical Intervals and Other Techniques to Add Tension to Your Melody

Adding tension to a melody is essential in creating a memorable melody. Tension can be added by using music intervals, leaps, and nonscale notes. The tension adds surprise for the listeners as an unexpected sound from the music intervals, which keeps their attention. Learn how to add the tension in this melody music theory online article.

Melody Music Composition - Unrestrained
An unrestrained approach to melody music composition gives you access to the entire keyboard or piano. The entire range of notes is at your disposal to shape and form. However, plucking random notes won’t result in a memorable musical melody, generally not anyhow. The notes you choose fulfill a role in the phrase. Learn what roles notes can fulfill in this melody music theory online article.

Enhance Piano Melody with Music Rhythm
Have you ever wondered what makes a piano melody so memorable? Or why some songs stick in your head more often than other songs? What makes a piano melody catchy and permanently imprinted in your mind? A large portion of the answer is due to the music rhythm accompanying the piano melody. Learn how to use music rhythm in this melody music theory online article.

Music Articles by Other Recommended Websites

My Music Theory: How to Compose a Melody - Tips for Grade 5 Theory of Music

Melody music theory online article discusses how to create a musical melody based off an opening sequence. Excellent for getting more technical with an in depth example.

Composition Tips by David Nevue

This online music theory article discusses the overall structure a piano composition should have. David Nevue is a popular online artists who makes a good living selling piano compositions on his CDs.