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Story Compositions contains numerous articles with music theory online for piano compositions including melody theory, harmony theory, and the art of music composition. The art of composing is an amazing skill that can be cultivated to produce musical piano compositions of heart wrenching desire or deep burning confidence. Music is a mystery in many respects; composing is the ability to create a masterpiece out of … seemingly nothing and music theory can help with this endeavor. There is no paint, clay, or any relation to objects in the real world. Regardless, there are still music theory guidelines that can be taught to improve your piano compositions. The free instructional articles include musical examples and techniques I use to compose piano music.

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Story Compositions -soon to be an album- are piano compositions composed by Avivakova utilizing the free music theory that is taught on this website. The unusual titles were specifically chosen to represent the underlying stories. If you want to listen to a piano song about a hungry frog, you know where to find it.

Music Theory Online for Piano Compositions
Music Theory Online for Piano Compositions
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In addition, this website offers some articles of interest related to piano music. This includes articles on how music affects the mind and the body, musical research on animals, and interesting facts about piano music and piano composers.
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Avivakova is a young piano composer with a passion for music composition and theory. You can learn more about her in the About the Composer.

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